About Membership

All riding members are either certified NJ EMTs or Paramedics. Through the years, many of our volunteers have moved on to valuable and rewarding careers, using their EMS background as an excellent foundation. These careers include, but are not limited to: police dispatchers, police officers and police superiors; a local Chief of Police; numerous career EMTs and EMT Instructors; paramedics, nurses, doctors and other allied health personnel; and firefighters. Many of these dedicated members continued volunteering for the Corps while juggling these full-time emergency service careers. That display of dedication is what our Corps is all about and why our success continues.


Our EMTs serve the city of Hackensack by providing life-saving response to medical emergencies. You can be an EMT! Any currently certified NJ EMT-B or Paramedic may apply for volunteer membership. If you would like to become an EMT, please refer to the information on this website.

Member Benefits

Experience: Volunteers work closely with law enforcement, fire and rescue teams, paramedics, and hospital staff. Hackensack Volunteer Ambulance Corps is one of the leading volunteer EMS organizations in New Jersey. A high call volume and a wide array of emergencies allows volunteer EMTs to gain great experience, plus the opportunity to practice and hone BLS skills in a supportive environment.

The Corps also provides Emergency Medical Standby to many special events and large regional emergencies. These have included:

  • Sporting events at MetLife Stadium, including NFL Games, Super Bowl XLVIII and the 1994 FIFA World Cup
  • Concerts at MetLife Stadium, including Beyonce, One Direction and Electric Daisy Carnival
  • EMS Standby in Manhattan and The Bronx during inclement weather
  • EMS Standby for the Miracle on The Hudson, 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy

Education: The Corps provides free ongoing education for its members, including CEU courses.

Insurance: Hackensack Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. provides all active members with worker’s compensation style insurance coverage in case of duty related illness or injury.

Immunizations: In order to provide a safer environment, Hackensack Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. offers Hepatitis B Vaccinations, annual tuberculosis testing, and flu vaccines at no cost to volunteers.

Hackensack EMTs

Current Members

Board of Trustees:

Brian Corcoran, NRP, MICP* Hackensack EMS President  
Noel Burris* Trustee  
Thomas Jardines* Hackensack EMT Trustee  
Lester Leidy* Trustee  
Terry Muller* Trustee  
Chelsea Spethmann, RN, BSN, EMT Trustee  
Amanda Spethmann Hackensack EMS Treasurer  
Stephanie Dojer, RN, BSN, EMT Hackensack EMT Secretary  
Benjamin Zabar, MD, FACEP (EMS) Medical Director  
John Knapp* Hackensack EMS EMS Manager  
Johanna Stange Hackensack EMS EMS Supervisor  
Silvio Zapata Hackensack EMS EMS Supervisor  
Chris Morgan* Hackensack EMS Vehicle, Equipment & Facilities Supervisor  



Carlos Aranda‡ Tito Jackson‡ Brittany McCabe
Ryan Conlon Baruch Jaffe‡ Frank McCall‡
Kevin Cruz-Cortes Vikrant Kalia Dante Mustacchio
Tatiana Cubillos Sean Kennedy‡ William Pinkerton
John deJesus Christopher Kucan Ray Rich
Matthew Dogali‡ Fiorela Leal Blanco Alexander Sidoti
Jessica Garcia Matthew Lederman Ron Spethmann, MICP‡
Frank Garrett* Justin LoVecchio Rory Sutherland
Stephanie Hernandez David Mathieu Brendan Tracey‡

*Life Member ‡Reserve EMT

Inactive Life Members:

Clifford Barnes Christopher Kusielewicz David Pegg
Donald Bell William Leaver Theresa Pegg
William Benech Donald Lineaweaver† Carmen Polifronio
Michael Cherubini Dennis Lonagan† Arial Rivera-Pinto
Edwin Cohen Leigh Maroth Fred Rehrel
Lenard Cohen Reuven Maroth Robert Roux
John Connelly Michele McHale-Sharko William Schaum
George Cotte William McFarlane Clifford Spring†
Jonathan Dailey, Sr. Robert McIntyre Stephan Topoleski
Obed Fountoukis† Kenneth Mele Michael J. Ward
Frank Gillen John Mendieta William Yanette
Fredrick Hendricks Herbert Meyers Jr. Emil Yannetti†
Brian Hoehl Bernard R Mohring III† Joseph Zisa
Dr. Winston Johnson†    


Hackensack Volunteer Ambulace Corps Members

Become An EMT

Are you a New Jersey certified EMT? To participate in patient care with our Ambulance Corps, you must be a New Jersey certified emergency medical technician. You can learn more about training opportunities and register for school at the following site:

    Bergen County Technical School
    EMS Training Center, Paramus
    East 281 Pascack Road
    Paramus, NJ 07652

If you are an EMT and would like to join our Corps, please begin the application process on this page.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

Hackensack Volunteer Ambulance Members

Membership Application

Have you read the important information on this page? The Corps relies on volunteers, and we are always looking to welcome new members. Outlined here are the steps to become an EMT with Hackensack Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc.

1. Become an EMT! If you are already an EMT, you may apply for membership now. If you are not an EMT but would like to become one, please review the information on this page. Do not apply to join the Corps if you are not yet certified.

2. Contact Us. Use the form below to let us know that you would like to join the Corps. You will then be sent a link to the full membership application. Please know that we will still need to meet you in person to obtain signature authorization for a full police background check.

3. Interview with the Chief of the Corps. This will be scheduled upon receipt of your application. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must be present to sign consent for your membership.

4. Submit required documents. We must have your original EMT Certification, CPR Certification and Driver License to photocopy at your interview. Do not bring photocopies!

5. Sign for a criminal and motor vehicle background check. This is required to ride.

6. Choose a shift. Welcome to Hackensack Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc! Shifts are overnight (each day of the week) and daytime (Saturday and Sunday).

If you are ready, please begin the application process by contacting us via this form. You must be a certified NJ EMT or Paramedic to join Hackensack Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. For general membership inquiries, please use the form here.

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